Comparison Of Lead Acid & Lithium ion Batteries

Comparison Of Lead Acid & Lithium ion Batteries

With the aim to overcome limitations of VRLA and Lead Acid batteries, researchers at Future Hi-Tech batteries ltd. have worked hard to invent better energy storage solutions in the field of batteries which is the need of current age. On comparing Lead Acid vs Lithium ion batteries, Lithium-ion batteries are observed to bear inherited characteristics of 100% efficiency, are lightweight, bear high energy density, customizable, etc. thus, they have emerged as modern-day technology.

Moreover, with a better load matching feature, it is most suited with renewable energy sources, thus Lithium is preferred over other conventional batteries. Here are some more comparisons of Lead Acid vs Lithium ion batteries.

Following are some of comparison to understand the difference:

Factors Lead Acid
Lithium over
Lead Acid
Required Energy Output(Wh) 240 240
Capacity 12V 40 Ah
@ 50 % DOD
12V 20 Ah
@100 % DOD
Charging Rate C/10 C/3

3 Times Faster

Time (Hr) 12 4
Operating Life (Years) 2.5 8

3 Times Longer

Cycle Life 50% DOD @ 25 Deg C >/600 >/4000

3 Times More

80% DOD @ 25 Deg C >/300 >/2000
C/10 @ 42 Deg C 50% No Effect
Theft Possibilty Yes No Safe
Dimensions Fixed Flexible Compact
Weight (Kg) 12.5 kg 2.5 kg

5 Times Less

Cost (Rs/over 8 Years) Product Cost 10500 10400

1/3 Times Lesser

Transportation 1500 100
Installation 1000 200
Total 13000 10700
Operational (per Cycle) 7.22 2.68