AGV/eForklift Battery

AGV/eForklift Battery

An AGV stands for Automated Guided Vehicle, a safe and smart product that simplifies logistics, optimized production in the autonomous vehicles, indoor & outdoor.

Our batteries are suitables for the toughest conditions, such as high charge/discharge currents, humid environment and mechanical shock or vibration.

Future Hi-Tech batteries, living up to its vision of generating environment friendly products, has introduced the AGV/Forklift Lithium Batteries. The batteries we produce are eco-friendly, deliver high performance, and reliable for their durability. Its capacity to work for longer operating hours at a stretch and the fast charge function ensures hassle free working without any delay.

Like all other products from the Future family, the AGV/Forklift Lithium Batteries are also of premium quality. The use of the latest technology and utmost precision makes them the most efficient product in the market. We claim to deliver the best.

Salient Features of AGV Battery

  • Longer Operative Time
  • Longer Life Span
  • Plug n Play
  • Compact Sizing
  • High Performance
  • Fast Charging

Protection Features of AGV Battery

  • Cut-off Over Charge & Discharge
  • Short Circuit Proof
  • Thermal Protective
  • Reverse Charging
  • Auto cut & Auto Recovery