eBicycle Battery

eBicycle Battery

The bicycle has been considered the most eco-friendly means of transport for ages but somehow it lost importance with the growing use of the car. Now with the lithium revolution gearing up, these cycles have again come in demand with a bang.

Future Hi-Tech Batteries produces eCycle battery in LFP & Li-Ion varieties giving a push to the popularity manifolds & further taking it to new heights. These bicycles are propelled by electric power, thus are driven faster, saving the time & also the planet being non-popularity.

The eCycle battery is smartly designed to match up to the needs with customization & cost-effectiveness. They are available in a soft pack or aluminum enclosures options. They are totally compatible with electric bicycles.

The latest technology & innovation used in these battery packs make them efficient & contribute to the enhancement of the lifespan of this eCycle battery. The safety is ensured by the automation of necessary steps.

This has encouraged many people to switch to eBicycles & with this positive change we surely look forward to a “Greener- Cleaner earth”

Salient Features of eCycle battery

  • Cutoff – Over Charge & Discharge
  • Temperature Cutoff
  • Reverse Polarity
  • Shock Absorption
  • Short Circuit Protection

Protection Features of eCycle battery

  • 100% Charge / Discharge Efficiency
  • Eco Friendly in Nature
  • Quick Charge
  • Plug & Play Battery
  • Mechanical Locking Arrangement

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If you have any queries or need any further assistance regarding eCycle battery, feel free to fill out an online contact form to get in touch us. Future Hi-Tech Batteries delivers the best Electric Bicycle Battery packs in India and will help you in providing the right ‘green energy solution’ for your eBicycle.