eTractor Battery

eTractor Battery

Farming is the most common and noble profession and its modernisation is essential for meeting the needs of the growing population. The introduction of the eTractor lithium batteries is a step towards greener farming practices that eases the unnecessary burden on the environment. It is an integral part of our lives.

Our compact, space-saving lithium batteries, with long mileage are a promising investment in this field. These batteries can power the tractors for years, saving a lot on the operational costs. The battery has a longer life cycle; which means that it is not required to be charged every now and then. The fast charge feature ensures a working without delay with reduced charging time.

Our lithium battery is designed specially to meet heavy load conditions which give more productive results. It is also equipped with theft protection enabled with  a GPS tracking system feature.

Like other battery options, our e-tractor lithium battery also goes through stringent quality checks. It’s the time and need of the hour to switch to eco-friendly farming transport means equipment to save the environment without compromising on performance.

Salient Features of Electric Tractor Battery

  • Low Temperature Operations
  • Quick Charging
  • Theft Protection - GPS Tracking
  • High Mileage
  • Space Saver
  • Powerful Performance
  • Energy Saver
  • Economical Running Cost
  • Plug n Play Module

Protection Features of Electric Tractor Battery

  • Overcharge/discharge Cut-off
  • Over Temperature Cutoff
  • Reverse Polarity
  • Auto Cut & Auto Recovery
  • Short Circuit Protection