UPS Battery

UPS Battery
Plug & Play replacement of conventional UPS batteries by our Lithium Battery UIF Series for UPS. They last longer than conventional batteries, resulting in almost no battery replacements. Light weight lithium-ion batteries save space, improve location flexibility & address limited floor weight thresholds.

Salient Features of UPS Inverter Battery Packs

  • Replacement of SLA/VRLA battery
  • For UPS application
  • Extra work hours per charge
  • Quick Charging
  • Light Weight
  • No replacement required
  • 100% Efficient
  • 10+ Years Life
  • Maintenance Free

Protection Features of UPS Inverter Battery Packs

  • Over Temperature
  • Over Voltage & Current
  • Reverse Polarity
  • Short Circuit
  • Can't be used in Series/Parallel